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High Performance. Not High Pressure.

Leaders: Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Are your “players” motivated and engaged, or do you have to constantly pressure them to succeed?

The Extraordinary Performance Program helps leaders and managers become fully engaged and achieve sustainable high performance in a radically simple, yet highly effective way.

Most performance improvement strategies are built upon the more approach: more effort, more instruction, more pressure.

Sean’s approach is different. After many years of experience working with high performers in sports and business, Sean has found that it’s not that people don’t know what to do…it’s that they don’t do what they know!

In their efforts to perform well, people are often their own worst enemies. They think too much about what they are doing, judge themselves (and others) when they make mistakes, focus on unimportant things, and fail to take new risks or challenges because they are afraid of going outside their comfort zone.

When “players’ remove self-interference it generally leads to immediate improvement in performance that is sustainable over time.

When you combine this with Focusing on What is Critical to Success and staying focused, you truly open possibilities to achieve extraordinary performance.

In the Extraordinary Performance Program you will learn:

  • The effortless approach to sustainable high performance
  • The 3 critical factors for sustainable high performance
  • How to stay focused, relaxed and engaged
  • Solve performance problems at their root cause
  • Identify and remove the inner obstacles (fear, doubt, self-judgment)

“Sean’s program and follow up coaching helped me gain more self-confidence and see how I was getting in my own way. Shortly after, I signed the largest credit card account in GE history. Needless to say, I highly recommend him.” –Ulrike Guigi, Senior Specialist Leader, Deloitte