Our Clients

The Brawley Institute has worked with some of the most well known organizations in sports and business helping their leaders understand what it truly takes to achieve and sustain high performance.

Our corporate clients have included GE, The Inner Game, ITT, Union Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Creative Artists Agency, Therapeutic Associates and many others.

Our sports clients have included the USC Football (Pete Carroll/9 years), NY Yankees, San Diego Padres, Seattle Mariners, NFL Youth Football, USTA Player Development, German Davis Cup team and numerous high performance tennis and golf academies.

We are a leader in the creation of meaningful and effective learning experiences that enhance people’s self awareness, emotional resiliency, mental fortitude, and their ability to perform well consistently under pressure.

Our success is built on a foundation of continuous learning, integrity, innovation and passion for helping others. By exceeding customer expectations, we continually build a loyal and dedicated following.

NY Yankees

In 2001 the NY Yankee Player Development group was ranked #23 out of 32 teams. By the end of the year they were ranked #1 and have stayed in the Top 5 ever since. Here’s how Sean helped one of the best teams in baseball become even better…

In 2001, the New York Yankee Player Development group was struggling. Mark Newman, SVP Operations and Tom Hanson, Director of Performance Enhancement hired Sean to conduct a 3 day workshop for coaches and 3 months of follow up coaching and consulting.

In the 3 day workshop, Sean introduced the coaches to the “spectrum of different teaching styles” such as “Guided Discovery”, the power of focusing on critical variables, and a number of “awareness-based” exercises that helped players learn from their own experience and develop the “relaxed focus” needed to perform well under pressure.

In the follow up consulting, Sean worked directly with Hanson to help him keep the coaches focused and on track with this different approach to working with players and to ensure that they put the new exercises into practice.

The Results?

In the words of Mark Newman:

“Our results this year were nothing short of extraordinary thanks to you.”–Mark Newman, SVP Operations, NY Yankees

USC Football

After Pete Carroll got fired from the New England Patriots he knew he would have only one more shot at a head coaching job and he wanted to get it right. So he turned to Sean Brawley to help him… <>.

So he turned to Sean Brawley to help him understand what went wrong and to clarify his “Winforever” coaching philosophy .

Carroll clearly understood what he did well to become the NFL’s best defensive coach , but he did not understand what went wrong when he had opportunities as head coach of the New York Jets and then the New England Patriots nor what he needed to do differently the next chance he got.

Brawley interviewed and coached Carroll over the course of a year prior to his accepting the head coaching job for the USC Trojan football team. By the time Carroll interviewed for the job he could clearly communicate his coaching philosophy and his confidence in how he planned to return the Trojan football team to glory.

Brawley also became the primary mental coach, working with athletes Carson Palmer, Reggie Bush, Ryan Killeen  and other players who struggled with their performance, as well as conducting coaching workshops for the coaching staff.

The result?

Two NCAA championships and 3 Heisman trophy winners in 9 years and one of the winningest records in NCAA history.

“Sean Brawley is the best coach of the inner game that I have ever worked with. His coaching and consulting was instrumental in our winning 2 national championships.”–Pete Carroll

GE Sales Leaders

When Pascal Beij was hired as Sales Force Effectiveness Leader for GE Finance Europe he knew that to achieve a sustainable high performance culture, the international sales leaders would need to learn how to coach their sales teams. He chose Sean Brawley to custom-design a program just right for what he needed.

Sean developed a Coaching for Excellence program that included pre-workshop interviews, a highly experiential 2-day workshop, and 3 months of follow up coaching to ensure that the leaders would put their new coaching skills into action.

The results?

The Swiss sales leader for the GE Credit Card business signed the largest credit card account in GE history and credited her coach training for giving her the confidence, patience, and reflective listening skills needed to close the account.

The Portuguese sales leader for GE Auto Lease Financing business achieved the largest monthly revenue in the history of the business.

The Nordic sales leader for GE Auto Lease Financing achieved a 22% increase in sales in the 3 months following the coaching program…after 2 years of 11% decline. He attributed the dramatic improvement mostly to the follow up coaching which helped him focus on what was critical to success.

The estimated ROI was deemed to be roughly 10 times the cost of the program.

The Inner Game

When coaching pioneer, Tim Gallwey, decided to launch the Inner Game School of Coaching in 2012 he turned to Sean Brawley to provide much of the curriculum and serve as lead trainer

Brawley helped Gallwey initiate and build the new Inner Game Coaching School with its first courses in Sao Paolo, Brazil.  He provided the curriculum/exercises for the Foundations and Experiences courses and co-designed the final 4 day module.

He also served as lead facilitator and worked closely with Gallwey and the Brazilian organizer, Renato Ricci, on strategy, marketing and business development

The results?

Feedback from participants comprising experienced business coaches and HR leaders was stellar. “Simple, yet a profound and meaningful experience.” “Highly practical. Will definitely improve my coaching skills.”