My work with experienced, sophisticated individuals from all over the world has made it clear that a new kind of transformative practice is required for our evolving times.

To meet this need, I have developed very special training for experienced business coaches and leaders called The Master Class Coaching Intensive–a transformative program and an opportunity to enter into a new arena of individual and collective growth.

The core practice of this program is developing intuitive perceptual capacities that are innate to all human beings but are typically educated out of us. Cultivating these skills and learning how to access the wisdom these capacities can make available to us generates for its practitioners profound results.

In the Master Class Coaching Intensive participants begin to experience a multi-dimensional awareness that includes the simultaneous perception of our own inner subjective states, the inner states of those around us, and an awareness of a shared space that includes both.

What this means practically, is that participants learn how to be more present and focused in their most important relationships at home and at work.

As this shift in consciousness occurs, life on every level begins to transform.

We find ourselves in deep contact with others and we develop new capacities for clarity, sensitivity, and meaningful learning and performance.