Performance = Potential minus Interference

The Brawley Institute’s programs truly go beyond the ordinary “cognitive” approach to training and development and embraces instead an “embodied learning” approach which typically leads to extraordinary results.

What is embodied learning?

Embodied learning is a holistic approach which integrates thought, feeling and sensation into skillful action. This is achieved primarily from experience and practicing with conscious reflection, rather than power point slides.
All of our programs are experiential with lots of opportunities to practice.

Embodied learning leads to sustainable high performance.

Our approach is radically simple, yet highly effective. After many years working with high performers in sports and business, we have found that in their efforts to succeed people can be their own worst enemy. They think too much about what they are doing, judge themselves and others when they make mistakes, lose focus, and avoid taking risks because they are afraid to go outside their comfort zone.
We help sports teams like the New York Yankees and USC football team and corporations like GE, ITT and Union Bank ensure their success by teaching their leaders, managers and coaches more effective ways to achieve high performance…that can be sustained over time. Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks calls this “Winforever”.